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The PHUMC Foundation is pleased to coordinate the award of tuition assistance through PHUMC-based scholarships and the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation  through their Dollars for Scholars Program.

Local Scholarships

The PHUMC Foundation currently provides administration of four scholarship programs which provide funds for college students. Two of the scholarships, Faulkner Basketball (2024 Application – Faulkner Basketball) and the Little Joe and the BKs (2024 APPLICATION – Little Joe and the BKs), are based on a student’s participation in youth basketball (Faulkner) and PHUMC youth programs and ministries (Little Joe and the BKs). Both scholarships are one-time awards of $1,000 (2023).

We also offer the Arminta Berry Music and Arts Scholarship. For qualifying students, this scholarship offers $1,500 (2023) to a student with connections to PHUMC who is also pursuing higher education in either music or the arts. This scholarship is renewable based upon the student meeting academic standards. Downlaod here: 2024 BERRY APPLICATION – Fillable

All local scholarship awards listed here are determined by individual selection committees. 

Dollars for Scholars Program

The PHUMC Foundation also helps coordinate access to the Dollars for Scholars Program sponsored by the United Methodist Board of Higher Education. Based on enrollment in participating United Methodist -related schools your student can leverage a $1,000 contribution via the PHUMC Foundation to up to a $4,000 award. You can apply for this scholarship in January and February prior to the academic year for which you plan to use these funds. This is a renewable scholarship. The basis of eligibility includes participation in PHUMC activities, endorsement by a PHUMC pastor, and a donation via the PHUMC Foundation toward College Ministry. 

Other United Methodist Scholarships

The United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) scholarships offer financial aid to United Methodist students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. With this financial aid, GBHEM is opening pathways for students of all backgrounds to earn their degrees and serve as the next generation of leaders for the church and the world.