The Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church benefits immensely from the planning and forethought of our predecessors through historic and recent endowments. In 1985, the initial PHUMC Endowmment Fund was created.  Since then, the PHUMC Foundation has created and maintains over 100 separate endowment accounts with the assistance of The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas. All Foundation funds are separate from PHUMC’s operations budget and other giving.

The PHUMC Foundation Board of Directors encourages all members to remember the Church in their long-term financial planning. This can be achieved through individual gifts (memorials and honoraria), establishing an endowment, or by joining the Willing Friends Society

There are two main types of endowment processes used by the PHUMC Foundation: Restricted and Unrestricted. There are at least 40 Unrestricted Endowments as of December 2022, with a total market value greater than $6.1 million. Likewise, there are more than 50 Restricted Endowments, with a total market value of $5.3 million. These endowments, and their earnings, provide the Foundation with means to support the misison of PHUMC through annual funding and special grants.  Another available option is a Donor-Advised Fund. For more information on any of these choices, please contact the PHUMC Foundation Executive Director at 501.664.3600 by e-mail.

Annually, the Methodist Foundation for Arkansas, reports to the PHUMC Foundation the average earnings from the previous three years, of which 4%* is made available for restricted and unrestricted distribution.  Transfer of earnings from the Unrestricted Endowments (and select restricted endowments) are made available to fund the annual operation of the Foundation operations as well as the annual pledge to PHUMC.   Earnings of the Restricted Endowments are made available in a similar fashion for distribution via grants to support Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church. 

* The standard annual distribution is 4% of the prior three-years’ earnings.  Some endowments prescribe a different percentage distribution, and/or methodology for calculation.  


Foundation Endowments by Use

Children, Youth, and Adult Ministry Endowments

  • Wenona Fox Endowment   
  • Cecil and Betty Malone Older Adults Endowment
  • Vivian and Edwin F Meyer Adult Ministries
  • Minton Family Endowment
  • Robert N. and Rose A. Berry Children’s Endowment
  • Luna and Douglas Craver Children’s Endowment
  • Kearney and Floy Jean Dietz Memorial Children’s Endowment
  • CTLC Endowment Fund


Congregational and Staff Support Endowments

  • Johnnie Holcomb Endowment Fund
  • Jan R. and Charles D. Sullivan Family Endowment
  • Joe and Sally Crowder Caring Ministry
  • Andre and Louise Rollefson Caring Ministry


Worship and Music Endowments

  • Georgianna Gunn Endowment
  • Alice Ann Adams Beard Alter Guild Endowment
  • Betty Moore Brown Music and Arts Endowment
  • Elise and James B. Argue, Jr. Choral Scholars
  • John and Maxine Fortenberry Music Endowment
  • Richard K. Knoll Music Endowment


Mission  Endowments

  • Couch Good Samaritan Endowment
  • Wade Good Samaritan Endowment
  • St. Luke Mission and Ministry
  • Carolyn and Joel Henslee Mission Endowment
  • Mission Endowment Fund
  • Robert Hoover Chancellor Treatment Center Memorial Endowment


Building and Grounds Endowments

  • Centennial Preservation Endowment
  • Jimmy P. Spradley Facilities Maintenance Endowment
  • Betty Glasscock Landscape Ministry Endowment 
  • Hodges Family Columbarium Garden Endowment


Scholarship Endowments

  • Stanley and Arminta Berry Music Scholarship
  • Loraine Cokenour Scholarship Fund
  • Faulkner Basketball Scholarship Endowment 
  • Little Joe and the BKs Fund
  • Barnwell-Holloway Medical Studies Scholarship


General Church Ministries Endowments

  • Dorothy Stout Aldridge Endowment
  • Dr. John Clement Baber Endowment
  • Chloe Deane Branscum Endowment
  • Betsy Branton Family Endowment
  • William Elmo Browning Endowment
  • Gilbert and Helen Buchanan Endowment
  • Brent Edward Coker Memorial Endowment
  • Collie Endowment Fund
  • James C. and Billie A. Davis Endowment
  • Dot and Louis East Endowment
  • Engstrom Family Endowment
  • Alice J. Faust Memorial Fund
  • Gaston Family Endowment
  • PHUMC General Endowment Fund
  • John and Marjorie Dunn Gilleland Endowment
  • Helen and Vernon Giss Endowment
  • Helen Hall and Family Endowment
  • H. Clay and Carrie Boyd Hansen Memorial Endowment
  • Harrison Family Endowment


  • Georgia and Bob Sells St. Luke Learning Center Endowment
  • Betty Meyer Youth Mission Endowment
  • PHUMC Youth Endowment Fund
  • Garth and Joann Martin Local Youth Ministry Endowment
  • John and Kathy Roberts Endowment
  • Hunter Children’s Bible Endowment
  • Smith Family Endowment



  • James Hal Beard Stephen Ministry Endowment
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry Endowment
  • Borchert Family Endowment
  • Georgianna Gunn Endowment 



  • Jack T. Fryer Music Ministry Endowment
  • Sanders Music Endowment Fund
  • Ballard Music Endowment
  • PHUMC Organ Fund
  • James and Mary Collins Worship Endowment
  • John and Kathy Roberts Endowment



  • Bishop Kenneth Hicks Peace Endowment
  • Bess and George Campbell Food Pantry Endowment
  • Clyde and Mary Jo Horton Food Pantry Endowment
  • Lovers of the Food Pantry
  • Smith Family Endowment



Communication Endowments

  • Copeland Journalism & Communication Endowment
  • T. T. Tyler Thompson Digital Archives Endowment


Broadcast/Television Endowments

  • Mary Jane See Adamson TV Ministry Endowment
  • Jack E. Hill TV Ministry Endowment
  • PHUMC TV Endowment Fund





  • Hawthorne Family Endowment
  • Margaret Houston Endowment Fund
  • Hudson Family Endowment
  • Mary Lou and Brooks Jackson Family Endowment
  • Lynn and Wayne Lindsey Family Endowment
  • McClearly/Monk Family Endowment
  • Maurice H. and Elizabeth Stockley Mitchell Endowment
  • Jejo Mobley Endowment
  • Moore Family Endowment
  • Victor H. and Frances “Freddie” Henley Nixon Endowment
  • W.K. and Elizabeth Palmer Memorial Endowment
  • Pyle Endowment Fund
  • Josephine Lewis Renshaw Endowment
  • PHUMC Trustees Fund
  • Villines Family Endowment
  • Sybil Naylor Vinton Trust
  • Wellons Memorial Endowment Fund